Knack, The

The Knack is a joyous comedy about the youth revolution of the Sixties. It begins by taking the form of a set of variations on the theme of modern romance, the cynical sexuality of Tolen (Ray Brooks) set against the idealistic yearnings of Colin (Michael Crawford). This contrast of characters is extended by the introduction of a lively Irishman, Tom (Donal Donnelly), with a mania for painting rooms white. The household is completed by the arrival of Nancy (Rita Tushingham), searching for the London branch of the YWCA and upon whom Tolen agrees to demonstrate his infallible seduction technique whilst Colin takes notes.
The film presents a witty and satirical image of consumerist society and of contemporary style, satisfaction and success. Lester was fond o saying at th etime that he did not make his films for posterity, that they were made for instant consumption. His slogan seems to have been similar to that on the outside of Tolen’s bedroom: ‘There is no tomorrow. What about this afternoon?’ (U.K., 1965. Black and whtie. 84 mins.

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