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Kathleen Mavourneen

Directed by Norman Lee and produced by John F. Argyle, Kathleen Mavourneen is a light-hearted Irish rural drama.

Set in both Ireland and England, it is marked by warm-hearted, lively acting. Orphan Kathleen Moore (Sally O’Neil) works in a cafe on the Liverpool docks in order to support herself and her younger brother and baby sister. And admirer of Kathleen, Michael Rooney (Tom Burke) provides tickets for the siblings to take up residence with his aunt in Ireland. On arrival in Ireland the Moore family’s hope for a brighter future is short lived. Their initial happiness is soon marred by the machinations of Michael’s other aunt, Hannah, who attempts to have Kathleen’s brother and sister sent to an orphanage.

The plot thickens as Hannah’s nephew Jack (Dennis O’Dwyer), a wealthy landowner, falls in love with Kathleen. Hannah’s ensuing attempts to thwart the match include a plan to have Jack arrested for horse rustling.

The film includes two notable musical scenes, a wake and a village concert, featuring the Tara Ceilidh Band, the Tara Troupe of Irish Dancers and the Classic Symphony Orchestra.

U.K., 1937.
Black and white.
74 min.

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