Irish Film Institute -Kabhi, Khush,Kabhi, Gham

Kabhi, Khush,Kabhi, Gham

Indian films are shown at the IFC on the first Saturday and Sunday of every month, with performances commencing at 12 noon. The prints shown are original versions and don’t always have English subtitles. December’s film is Asoka, a spectacular epic about a legendary figure of Indian history. In depicting the life of Asoka, director Santosh Sivan (best known here for his low-budget The Terrorist) draws on legends and Buddhist sources and emphasises spectacle and melodramatic richness over historical accuracy. The casting is exemplary. Bollywood heartthrob Shah Rukh Khan is excellent in the title role, as is his fellow pin-up Kareena Kapoor (the fourth generation of Indian cinema’s first family). January’s film is Kabhi Khushi Ghum.

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