Josh Jarman

Director: Pip Mushin

2004. Colour. Dolby stereo. 95 min.

A clever farce from first-time director Pip Mushin, Josh Jarman is about the temptations of sex and fame. Serious dramatist Josh (Marcus Graham) is convinced he’ll be delivered from obscurity by libidinous acting student Sasha (Kestie Morassi), whose father Stan Billows (Kim Gyngell) is Melbourne’s leading theatre producer. Billows promises to stage Josh’s latest two-hander, A Man and a Woman, on the proviso Josh keeps wayward Sasha on the straight and narrow. The deal looks sweet until Billows begins sexing up the script and Josh falls for down-to-earth neighbour Maxine (Daniella Farinacci), a cellist who, in the film’s comic highlight, has orgasms while playing Brahms’ ‘Hungarian Rhapsody No. 5’.

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