Joint Security Area/JSA

One of the most successful Korean films of all time, Park Chan-wook’s exciting drama explores the fearful prospect of tensions between North and South boiling over into an international incident. When a North Korean soldier is shot while manning his post near the demilitarised zone, a member of the Neutral Supervisory Committee (interestingly, it’s a woman who was raised by Swiss and Korean parents) is brought in to investigate. From the start the investigator finds that no-one is willing to talk to her and that the soldiers involved seem to be hiding a secret. The film is structured around the investigation and a series of flashback to the incident itself. Mounted with great skill and considerable conviction (except for the English-speaking roles), Joint Security Area won more or less unanimous praise from every sector of Korean society except the army.
2000. English subtitles. Colour. Dolby digital stereo. 110 min.

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