Director: Arnaud Desplechin

120 minutes, France-U.S.A., 2013

Festival guest director Arnaud Desplechin will participate in a Q&A after the screening on Thursday, November 21st with John Maguire, Film critic & feature writer for The Sunday Business Post.

Desplechin’s new film sees Benicio Del Toro as Jimmy Picard, a Blackfoot Indian hospitalised in Kansas, suffering from trauma as a result of war-time injuries. Having played volatile characters in the director’s earlier films, Mathieu Amalric is cast here as George Devereux, the anomalous psychoanalyst invited to treat Jimmy’s perplexing symptoms.

Based on a study written by Devereux in 1951, the film boasts a fascinating story and extraordinary central performances. (Notes by Alice Butler.)

Official Competition, Cannes 2013

Director’s Note: Desplechin’s first film on American soil is captivating. An unexpected story of friendship with the ideal pairing of Amalric & Del Toro

This film is showing as part of the Arnaud Desplechin Programme in the Carte Noire IFI French Film Festival (November 20th – December 1st, 2013).

Jimmy P will screen in its original English language format.


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