Irish Film Institute -J’entends plus la Guitare

J’entends plus la Guitare

Probably the finest of Garrel’s later, more conventionally autobiographical works, this is an astonishingly frank and emotional depiction of his life with and after Nico (her stand-in here being the luminous Dutch actress Johanna Ter Steege). Her death becomes the focus for a re-evaluation of his past and present existences. Gerard (beautifully played by Benoît Regent in one of his last performances) is rescued from his habit and marries Aline (Brigitte Sy, Garrel’s then wife), but is haunted by the memory of his lost life with Marianne. Velvet Underground riffs rise up like whispers from the unconscious as lovers separate, pushed apart by nothing but the movement of life itself. (France, 1991. English subtitles. Colour. 98 mins.)

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