As the writer of Addams Family Values, Paul Rudnick displayed a talent for sharp dialogue and puts his skills to good use in this adaptation of his hit play. The eponymous Jeffrey (Steven Weber, sar U.S. sitcom Wings) is a New York waiter cum actor who becomes to infuriated with the restrictions involved in having safe sex that he decideds to become celibate. Then he meets body builder (and HIV positive) Steve, who is keen to develop a relationship with our hero. Trying to change Jeffrey’s mind are his excessively liberal parents and several bizarre characters, including Sigourney Weaver in a scenery chewing cameo as a New Age Evangelist and Nathan Lane (The Birdcage) in an outrageous turn as a Catholic priest who makes a pass at Jeffrey and then gives a sterling rendition of Everything’s Coming Up Roses from the altar. There’s also Patrick Stewart of Star Trek, who is surpisingly frsh and dignified as Jeffrey’s best friend. Rudnick’s often hilarious script is a little scattershot in its appraoch, but director Christopher Ashley makes the most of sparkling set pieces such as the cut to a cinema audience appalled by Jeffrey kissing another man. Overall, this is a shamelessly feel-good comedy that can be enjoyed by all audiences, no matter what their orientation.

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