Jean-Marc Barr Interview

For many people, Jean-Marc Barr claimed his moment of cinematic immortality as the otherworldly and beautiful young diver in Luc Besson’s The Big Blue (1988). For the more discerning cinemagoer, though, Barr has made some of his most interesting work with Lars Von Trier, playing the lead in Europa (1991) and also appearing in the Danish director’s Breaking the Waves (1998). Von Trier rather than Besson has had the most influence on Barr’s own work as a director. Lovers, his directorial debut, has an official ‘Dogme’ certificate (Dogme 5). The film is the first in a planned trilogy on the theme of freedom, which Barr is making in partnership with Pascal Arnold. There are also plans for a new project with Von Trier, to be produced by Danish and French companies. Barr, who was enthused about cinema after seeing Jean-Luc Godard’s Alphaville during his college days in the U.S., now lives in France. We are pleased to welcome him and Pascal Arnold to the festival for an on-stage discussion following a screening of The Big Blue on Sunday November 26th.

Please note that tickets for The Big Blue will also give admission to the INTERVIEW. Price £5.00, £4.50 CONC.

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