This film screened 23rd February 2010.

Ireland On Screen
Tues 23 Feb / IFI 3 / 5.00pm

From the Wind that Shakes the Barley to Once, from The Quiet Man to Leap Year, there have been very different images of Ireland and Irish films presented to the world. With more and more Irish filmmakers going abroad to make their own films and increased levels of European and US filmmakers making co-productions with Irish talent attached, what is the perception of Ireland and Irish film to a global audience? Is the vision of authentic Irish film changing in a new and interesting way or are we at risk of losing our identity to a stereotypical vision of what it means to be Irish?

Join us for a panel discussion about Irish film and its place in the international cinema landscape. Participants will include our trio of JDIFF 2010 Irish Film Talent Spotlight nominees: director Conor Horgan (The Beholder, One Hundred Mornings), cinematographer Kate McCullough (His & Hers) and actor Darren Healy (Savage). Joining them will be: Trevor Groth (Director of Programming, Sundance Film Festival), Mira Fornay (Foxes) and Anna Trzebiatowska (Festival Director, Off Plus Camera Film Festival, Krakov). Chairing the panel is Irish Film Board Chief Executive, Simon Perry.

This event is free. Tickets available at the door on a first come, first served basis.

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