J’aurais voulu être un danseur

Director: Alain Berliner

Belgium/Luxembourg| 2007| 106 mins

François Marechal seems set – he is happily married with a beautiful young wife (Cecile de France), father to a son he adores, and he has just been promoted in his job as general manager of a DVD rental shop. All is going to plan until one day when he sees Singing in the Rain, and becomes obsessed with the idea of becoming a tap dancer. Turning his back on his happy home life, he starts to ignore his wife, his work and everything in favour of his passion. Even though he really isn’t very good at tap dancing, he perseveres, and eventually is hired in a small run-down joint in the suburbs where he comes face to face with his past and the father he thought was dead. Turns out the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Alain Berliner, director of the universally acclaimed Ma vie en rose, once more intertwines poetry and reality in a magical combination of beautiful settings and storytelling. This film also features one of the last performances of the legendary Jean- Pierre Cassell, who gives a charming turn as a man who devotes his life to dancing.

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