Japanese Film Showcase

Kono Hoshi no Ue-ni (UPON THIS PLANET) (1998)
Director: Koji NANKE and Sunao KATABUCHI(Co-director)
A girl living in a port town is saying good-by to a young traveler. He runs into his ship after putting something small in her hands–, it is a wooden box.

Akagaki Genzo:Tokuri no Wakare (Genzo Perform a Ceremony with a Parting Cup) (1924)
Director : Hakuzan Kimura
This film depicts an episode from a popular literature named Chushingura/The Loyal Retainers take Vengeance.A samurai named Genzo goes to brother’s house before the night of revenge. Kimura was the pioneer of cut-out animation in realistic.

Norakuro Gocho (Norakuro, a Corporal) (1934)
Director : Yasuji Murata
This short is one of a series that the famous character, named Norakuro play a hero. He knock spy from monkeys over. Murata was the master on cut-out animation for cartoon, made so many films.like this one.

Ehon 1936-nen (Picture Book in 1936) (1934)
Director : Takao Nakano
The mice army invade Japan. All Japanese hero toys jump out from their book of fairy tale, and counterattack to mice look like the very famous mouse in the world. This is funny work but not excellent. Nakano made few works with together Kiyoji Tanaka and Shun-ichi Funaki at J.O.Studio in Kyoto.

Shinsetsu Kachikachi-yama(The Hare Goes Revenge Over the Raccoon) (1935)
Director : Kon Ichikawa
In music concert,a rabbit is kidnapped by the raccoon bandit. Animals go to rescuer her. This film definitely derives its drawing and structure from the Silly Symphonies. Ichikawa can be considered one of the masters of Japanese cinema, together with Kurosawa, Oze and Inagaki.

Kumo to Churippu(The Spider and the Tulip) (1943)
Director : Kenzo Masaoka
One evening, the bad Spider tempt a ladybug by sweet song, bud she runaway in a storm. This piece was completed in the middle of the then-intensifying World War II, by Masaoka who is considered the father of Japanese animated cartoon. It is a peaceful nursery song operetta which is full of poetic sentiment.

Sakura (Cherry Blossom) (1947)
Director : Kenzo Masaoka*[No Dialogue] A boat,dogs,Geisya girl and fairy tale on the Cherry Blossom…..a view at Kyoto, the oldest traditional town. Just after a lost war, Masaoka made this lyrical piece. He didn’t to reach his stage of perfection, there are some mistake in animation and shooting, because he lost many staff in confusion of postwar. He nurtured the talent of Mori Yasuji and Masao Kumagawa.

Maho no Pen (Magic Pen) (1947)
Director : Masao Kumagawa
The boy try to postwar rehabilitation by magical pen which was gifted. Kumagawa is very talented animator as Masaoka’s right hand man. In confusion of postwar, he made this piece by his own direction at Kyoto away from Tokyo. He nurtured the talent of Kazuo Komatsubara,the animation director of Grandizer(Goldorak) and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.

Goshu the Cellist (1980)
Director:Isao TAKAHATA
Goshu is cellist in an orchestra of a movie house.During practice a few days before a scheduled performance, Goshu is berated fiercely by the conductor.

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