Irish Film Institute -It’s Now or Never

It’s Now or Never

Jon Bang Carlsen’s film is an extraordinary fictionalised documentary about Jimmy McEvoy, a County Clare bachelor who is searching for a wife. His needs are modest. ‘She’d have to be a good milkeroa hand milker. And a handy sized woman around the 10 stone mark.’

On the windswept planes of the Burren, Jimmy spends his days building stone walls, waiting for a call from the matchmaker and musing on life and love with his shy neighbour, Austin. While the chronicle of Jimmy’s search for a wife is at time very funny, his loneliness is often evident and beautifully echoed in Donal Gilligan’s breathtaking photography of the spectacular landscape. (Denmark, 1996. Colour. 45 min.)

Denmark, 1996.
30 min.

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