Director: Jonathan Victory

75 mins, Ireland, 2021, Digital

A Far Green Country follows filmmaker Jonathan Victory as he undertakes the trip of a lifetime to visit New Zealand and the locations for Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. The film reveals the ordinary and extraordinary challenges that face a person on the autistic spectrum as he navigates this formidable journey alone.

While reflecting on the medical, social and mental health issues experienced by the neurodivergent community, Victory also shares the joy of a special interest, the thrill of adventure and his delight in the beauty of New Zealand. Infused with a wry, self-deprecating humour and scored by electronic composer Lizzie Fitzpatrick, Victory has created a highly personal, entertaining and informative film which paves the way for more perspectives from neurodivergent filmmakers.

This screening will be followed by a Q&A with director Jonathan Victory, hosted by actress Jordanne Jones (You Are Not My Mother, I Used to Live Here).

This is a sensory friendly screening.

A sensory friendly screening stipulates:

  1. Lowered lights 
  2. Lower volume
  3. No ads and bare minimum trailers
  4. Lighter restrictions on coming in and out/ chatting to neighbour/ making noise
  5. Disabled access

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Thursday 8th