IRELAND ON SUNDAY: Venom Undressed


Ireland on Sunday, the exciting monthly showcase for new Irish fiction and documentary films, welcomes you to the wonderful world of Director Ken Wardrop and producer Andrew Freedman of Venom Films.This presentation of eleven short films charts the development of a creative partnership which began when the two were students at the National Film School in Dun Laoghaire. Together they have created a body of work, both fictional and fact-ional, which is distinguished by a remarkable aesthetic sensibility and a confident mastery of the short film form. The films are infused with warmth and humour and celebrate the ordinary with an extraordinary freshness and intelligence. Punctuated with introductory insights from Ken and Andrew, the programme will include, among other titles, their most celebrated work, Undressing My Mother (2004) (pictured), the Channel 4-commissioned Farewell Packets of Ten (2007), Ouch! (a 2004 study of painful male circumcision), and their most recent film, The Herd. Though they have been celebrated internationally from Sundance to Sapporo and beyond, this Ireland on Sunday screening will represent the most comprehensive retrospective of Venom films to date.

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