90 minutes, Ireland, 2013, Colour

Ireland on Sunday is our monthly showcase for new Irish film.

Producer Dave Farrell will participate in a post-screening Q&A.

Keith and Dave Farrell’s docudrama A Terrible Beauty centres on two linked events during the Irish Rebellion of 1916: the battles of Mount Street and North King Street which culminated in the massacre of 15 innocent young men and boys. Largely told from the perspective of the foot soldiers on both Irish and British sides, and innocent civilians caught in the middle, all characters are real and much of the dialogue is taken directly from accounts given by combatants on both sides, and the wives and mothers of those murdered.

An emotionally-charged drama, with actors speaking to camera intercut with powerful battle scenes and a wealth of newly unearthed actuality footage, the audience is brought to the centre of the unfolding events to experience the heroism of the doomed, the futility of the deaths on both sides and the tragedy that befell the people of North King Street.

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