Director: Jeremiah Cullinane

73 minutes| Ireland-Lithuania| 2010| Colour| Digi beta

Ireland on Sunday is our monthly showcase for new Irish Film.

We are pleased to present the Irish premiere of Smuigleiri Leabhar (Book Smugglers), in which poet Gearoid MacLochlainn and Lithuanian dramatist Albertas Vidziunas retrace the steps of the 19th century Lithuanian book smugglers who resisted Russification to save their language from extinction. The documentary asks why in Ireland – another small Catholic peasant country at the edge of Europe with its ‘obscure’ language and occupied by its larger neighbour – at exactly the same time, were families abandoning their Gaelic tongue and teaching their children English?

As MacLochlainn and Vidziunas travel through the forests and rivers of Lithuania, each learns something about his own country and about the links between language and identity.

Director Jeremiah Cullinane will be joined by poet Gearoid MacLochlainn for a post-screening Q&A.For more information on the movie, please go [here].

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