Irish Film Institute -International Competitive Shorts 2

International Competitive Shorts 2

The Animated Canterbury Tails- Leaving London
Director: Various Production
Company: Right Angle
Synopsis: Geoffrey Chaucer’s sardonic Tail of the journey to Canterbury Cathedral in the heart of the English Countryside.
Duration: 25 mins

The Blue Shoe
Director: Peter H. Reynolds and Gary Goldberger
Production: FableVision, LLC
Synopsis: A modern fable about the elusive search for true love- featuring a blue shoe and a green boot.
Duration: 6 mins 20 secs

Director: Kirsten Winter
Producer: ANIGRAF, Kirsten Winter
Synopsis: SMASH: the rhythm of life. In the daily cycle, transfigured images of the apparently ‘ideal’ life lose their appeal.
Duration: 8 mins 40 secs

Caged Birds cannot Fly (Les oiseaux en cage ne peuvent pas voler)
Director: Luis Briceno
Production: Jeremy Rochigneux, Luis Briceno
Synopsis: Can birds in cages fly? It would seem that the answer is no…
Duration: 3 mins 14 secs

The Power Puff Girls
Director: Craig McCracken
Production: Cartoon Network
Synopsis: Working late one night, Professor Utonium, a lonely genetic engineer, was about to realise his lifelong dream.
Duration: 20 mins

Loc Light Louis
Director: Ties Poeth Production
Company: Cinema Avant
Synopsis: Short animated film in which a piece of furniture is designed for the film maker’s son Thjau. The tools, materials and sawdust seem to lead a life of their own.
Duration: 3 mins

Piano Concerto
Director: Richard Antonius
Production: Antonius Animation
Synopsis: This film d’auteur is inspired by Maurice Ravel’s Adagio Assai. It tells a story about love, hopes and dreams which cannot achieve forfillment.
Duration: 10 mins

Deus Ex Machina
Director: Michael Sargent
Production: Vancouver Film School
Synopsis: The working class is set free from the machine, causing industry’s revolution to come to a grinding halt.
Duration: 3 mins

Swimming in a Sick Head
Director: Victoria Hung
Production: Erica Dunton
Synopsis: An exploration of the experiences underlying eating disorders, inspired by the work done in art therapy by anorexic and bulimic patients.
Duration: 3.5 mins

Disco Cops
Director: Thierry Sapyn
Production: Antefilms Production
Synopsis: Ace and Dick are the disgrace of the San Francisco police. But in the Disco universe of the seventies clubs, they are the frenzy of the dancefloor…
Duration: 2 mins

I Move so I am
Director: Gerrit van Dijk
Production: Cilia van Dijk Filmproductie
Synopsis: A drawing of a hand that in turn draws, animates hands, shoulders, heads, legs, past, present, future, developing his technique.
Duration: 8mins 20secs

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