Director: Jessie Kirby

2008 Ireland 90 Mins

GAZE is delighted to present the World Premiere of an innovative new horror from up-and-coming Irish director Jessie Kirby.
The economy has crashed, food prices have soared, and the country is on the verge of famine – welcome to Ireland in the near future as imagined in this nihilistic romance with a Sapphic nod to Soylent Green and Sweeney Todd and a Thelma and Louise twist. Fresh meat is like golddust and Mr. Harvey, the village shopkeeper, suddenly has a suspiciously fresh supply in store. His niece Rachel, in mourning for her recently perished family, becomes embroiled in Harvey’s gruesome trade as she begins to fall for his savvy shop-assistant Ellie. Desolate, tender and terrifying, Insatiable features a delectable cast including Nora-Jane Noone ( The Magdalene Sisters), Laura Donnelly (Sugar Rush) and a truly chilling performance from Jon Kenny ( D’Unbelievables). Cast and crew will attend screening.
World Premiere

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