Irish Film Institute -INLAND EMPIRE 4K



180 mins, USA, 2006, Colour and Black & White, 4K Digital.

While debate continues over whether 2017’s return of Twin Peaks to television screens for its third season constitutes a film, the last of David Lynch’s work to have received a theatrical release returns in a shimmering new 4K digital restoration.

Largely self-financed, the film saw Lynch embrace digital technology for its tale of an actress (Laura Dern, giving a reliably excellent performance) whose latest role has a troubling history, and for whom reality begins to lose definition as production progresses. Fans of the director will relish the opportunity to spend the film’s lengthy running time absorbed in its barrage of hallucinatory, surrealistic imagery that may be perceived as a representation not only of Lynch’s ongoing fascination with the creation and impact of cinema, but also in many ways as a summation of sorts of his own body of work.

Notes by Kevin Coyne.

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