In the Soup

Director: Alexandre Rockwell

Two veteran actors in American independent film, Seymour Cassel and Steve Buscemi, come together with zesty abandon in this loopy comic noir. Impoverished would-be film director Adolpho Rollo (Buscemi) is down to his last dime. He desperately places an ad offering his five hundred page screenplay to the highest bidder. The taker is Joe (Cassel), a hood looking fo rthe perfect dupe. Joe convinces Adolpho that he’ll finance his film, but in the meantime ther are cars to steal and break-ins to perpetrate. Inevitably this odd couple are drawn to each other. Adolpho is fascinated by the sheer brio with which Joe enjoys his criminal existence. And Joe likes his naive side-kick well enough to try helping Adolpho romance his neighbour, Angelica (Jennifer Beals). As Joe’s convoluted dealings accelerate into nightmarish complications, Adolpho realises that his movie is not on Joes Agenda.

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