In Orange

Director: Joram Lursen

Netherlands| 2004. English subtitles. Colour. Dolby digital stereo. 90 min.

Remco eats, breathes and lives football. He’s a talented player and dreams of playing for the Dutch national team. His father is also a fan and constantly pushes him to play to the best of his ability. When his dad suddenly dies, Remco’s passion for the game takes a dive and he is left undecided as to whether he should continue even when he is selected to play in the regional championships. When he starts to have visions of his father driving him on, Remco is soon back on form and playing well despite the worry of a severely injured ankle. Ignoring his doctor’s advice to rest his foot, he sacrifices sense for single-mindedness and continues playing. Will his dream to wear the orange national football kit be realised before his condition catches up with him? References to a number of legendary football stars in the dream sequence is evidence of the film’s commitment to the game itself, but whether you are a sports fan or not, this family film from director Joram Lursen is an uplifting joy from beginning to end.

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