I’m not Scared

Director: Gabriele Salvatores

Italy/Spain/UK ? 2003 ? Drama ? English Subtitles ? 108 mins

Set in 1978 in southern Italy, I’m Not Scared is a coming-of-age thriller that explores childhood secrets and adult menace. Based on an award-winning novel by Niccolò Ammaniti, the story centres on Michele (Giuseppe Cristiano) a ten year old boy whose carefree summer is about to change dramatically. Having just explored a deserted house in the countryside with a group of friends, Michele returns to look for his little sister’s lost spectacles. He finds them, but also makes a sinister discovery. Underneath a sheet of corrugated iron Michele discovers a boy, Filippo (Mattia De Pierro), chained to the wall of an underground cell. Gradually Michele realises that Filippe has been kidnapped, and that people from the village, including his own father, are involved in the crime.

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