Ignorant Fairies

Director: Ozpetek

From the director of HamanoTurkish Bath comes Ignorant Fairies, a huge hit in Italy thanks to its superb cast and masterful direction. Married to Massimo for 15 years, Antonia (Margherita Buy) lives a sheltered life in her wealthy Roman suburb. When her husband dies in a motor accident, she is inconsolable until she discovers that he has had a long-term relationship with Michele (Stefano Accorsi), a gay man. At first appalled, Antonia is gradually drawn into Michele’s life and meets his friends. As Massimo’s grieving partners are drawn together in the struggle to come to terms with their loss, Ozpetek examines questions of love, family and friendship to suggest new models of social and emotional behaviour.
Italy, 2001. English subtitles. Colour. Dolby digital stereo. 105 mins.

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