IFI Spotlight 2020 Online: Diverse Narratives

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Irish film is a constant feature of the IFI programme, appearing as new releases, event screenings, archival or free lunchtime programmes, regional presentations, or featured on the IFI Player. Filmmakers and audiences appreciate the commitment to excellence in the presentation and creation of new contexts in which to consider the full range of Irish work.

Spotlight is our annual event where we present a focus on Irish film and television – reviewing the past year and considering current trends in production, distribution and consumption of new work. Our point of departure is a belief that an annual process of considered reflection and review is essential for the development of a healthy Irish media culture, an informed production community, and a cine-literate audience body.

This year we take IFI Spotlight online. In a series of live free Zoom events, a range of film and TV experts will explore aspects of the Irish film and TV industry and will engage with audience in a post-presentation discussion.


Session 3: Diverse Narratives – Representations of Race in Irish Film and TV

Friday July 17th at 11am

Dr Zélie Asava

Dr Zélie Asava, author of The Black Irish Onscreen and Mixed Race Cinemas: Multiracial Dynamics in America and France, will investigate the evolving position of black and mixed-race characters in Irish film and television culture. By exploring key historical and contemporary film and television productions, she will interrogate concepts of Irish identity, history and nation.

IFI Spotlight 2020 is supported by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI).

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