Director Andrzej Jakimowski will take part in a post-screening Q&A. 

Ian (Edward Hogg) is a new teacher at a Lisbon institute for the blind who is himself blind. Insisting that a cane is unnecessary to make his way through the everyday world, he teaches his methods of echolocation, in which sound, particularly acoustic echoes, are used for navigation, to his students. 

While some question the validity of his claims, one student, Eva (Alexandra Maria Lara, Rush) is intrigued, and a bond forms between the two. Amid hints that Ian’s methods are not without flaws are clever sequences which place the viewer in the protagonists’ position in this sweet love story.

Showing as part of IFI & Kinopolis: 8th Polish Film Festival (November 5th – 9th). 

105 minutes, Poland-France-Portugal-U.K., 2012, Colour, D-Cinema


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