Director: jem cohen

Total duration: 76 minutes

Gravity Hill Newsreels Series One (1 – 5 of 12 short films about Occupy Wall Street)
The first five films shot by Cohen about the Occupy Wall Street movement, all recorded during October 2011. (24 minutes, 2011/’12, HD)

Long for the City
A short portrait of Patti Smith, featuring recitals by Smith including one of her first ever song-poems. (9 minutes, 2008, Super 8)

Little Flags
Shot in the early ‘90s and edited years later, this footage of a Manhattan military ticker-tape parade makes the populated and noisy street look ghostly and ethereal. (6 minutes, 2000, Super 8)

Lost Book Found
The result of over five years of Super-8 and 16mm filming on New York City streets, Lost Book Found melds documentary and narrative into a complex meditation on city life. (37 minutes, 1996, Super 8/19mm)

This programme is showing as per of an IFI & JDIFF collaboration: Jem Cohen Retrospective (February 23rd & 24th)

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