Irish Film Institute -IFI International March 2019

IFI International March 2019

1-3 March // Toronto Irish Film Festival // Under the Clock, Dublin Oldschool, Anseo i Lár an Ghleanna [In the Shadow of the Glen], The Camino Voyage, The Dig // TIFF Bell Lightbox, Cinema 3 // Toronto, Canada

2 March // South Side Irish Parade Film Festival // Black 47, Song of the Sea // Beverley Arts Center // Chicago, USA

2 March // Valencia Irish Cultural Association // Yu Ming is Ainm Dom // Cine Las Vegas // Valencia, Spain

2 March // San Francisco Irish Documentary Film Festival // I, Dolours, The Camino Voyage, Under the Clock // Delancey Street Theater // San Francisco, USA

7 March // Craic Fest // Dublin Oldschool, The Camino Voyage // Village East Cinema // New York, USA

7-24 March // China Women’s Film Festival // The Breadwinner [9th & 22nd], Float Like a Butterfly [9th & 23rd] with guest director Carmel Winters // Empire Cinema // Hong Kong, China // Presented in association with the Consulate General of Ireland, Hong Kong

8 March // Cinegael Montreal // Shelter Me // J.A. DeSève Cinema, Concordia University // Montreal, Canada

9–17 March // Belgrade Irish Festival // The Little Stranger with special guest Lenny Abrahamson, Garage , Black 47, Michael Inside, The Sounding, The Quiet Man, The Dreaming of the Quiet Man, The Rocky Road to Dublin + Making Of, No Man’s Fool – Patrick Kavanagh, Jimmy Murakami: Non Alien with guest director Sé Merry Doyle, Peek Zoo, An Engineer Imagines, A Spot on the Conscious, Boy in the Bubble, The Breadwinner, Song of the Sea, Dublin Oldschool // Kinoteka // Belgrade, Serbia

10 March // UN International Women’s Week Film Festival // Jaha’s Promise // Millennium Cinema // Tirana, Albania // Presented in association with the Embassy of Ireland, Athens

11 March // Tyneside Cinema // Adam and Paul // Newcastle, UK // Presented on 35mm from the IFI Irish Film Archive

12 March // IRL Festival // The Camino Voyage // Registry Theatre // Ontario, Canada

12 March // London Irish Centre and IFI present // The Camino Voyage // London Irish Centre Camden // London, UK

12 March // Oscar Forever // The 34th: The Story of Marriage Equality // Goethe Institute // Nicosia, Cyprus // Presented in association with the Embassy of Ireland, Nicosia

12-17 March // Irish Cultural Week // Michael Inside [15th], The Drummer and the Keeper [16th], The Camino Voyage [17th] // Cinemateca Paulo Amorim, Casa del Cultura Mario Quintana // Porto Alegre // Brazil // Presented in association with the Embassy of Ireland, São Paulo

13–24 March // Irish Film Festival Russia // The Dig + guest actor Moe Dunford, Black 47, Michael Inside, Metal Heart, Steel Country, The Delinquent Season, Dublin Oldschool + guest director Dave Tynan, Good Favour + guest director Rebecca Daly, The Drummer and the Keeper, Notorious, Captain Morten and the Spider Queen, Comedy shorts: Kubrick by Candlelight + guest director David O’Reilly, Fern, Wave, Mother, The Shift, Animated shorts: The Overcoat, Old Fangs, The Ledge End of Phil, Late Afternoon, Somewhere Down the Line // Karo 11 Oktyabr, Moscow, Russia // 15-17 March, Karo 7 Ligov,  St. Petersburg, Russia // 22-24 March, Karo Koltso, Kazan, Russia

15 March // The Celtic Studies section of the Department of English, University of Uppsala // Black 47 // Slottsbio // Uppsala, Sweden

16 March // Sarajevo Irish Festival // The Breadwinner + Q&A with Anita Doron and Saara Chaudry // Kino Meeting Point // Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina // Presented in association with the Embassy of Canada, Sarajevo.

16-17 March // Irish Heritage Club Seattle // The Camino Voyage, I, Dolours, Lomax in Éireann, Under the Clock, Sanctuary // Seattle Center Armory // Seattle, USA

17 March // Inicijativa za engleski jezik i kulturu // The Breadwinner // Kinoteka // Zagreb, Croatia // Presented in association with the Embassy of Ireland, Zagreb

18 March // St. Patrick’s Film Luxembourg // Metal Heart // Ciné Utopia // Luxembourg city, Luxembourg

22 March // Boston Irish Film Festival presents a gala screening // Late Afternoon, Float Like a Butterfly + Q&A with actors Hazel Doupe and Dara Devaney, director Carmel Winters and production designer Toma McCullim // Somerville Theatre // Boston, USA

22 March // Cinegael Montreal // Lomax in Éireann // J.A. DeSève Cinema, Concordia University // Montreal, Canada

26 March // London Irish Centre and IFI present // Sanctuary // London Irish Centre Camden // London, UK

27-31 March // Irish Film Festa Rome // The Drummer and the Keeper, Black 47, Metal Heart + Q&A with director Hugh O’Connor, Lamb, Italian premiere of The Dig with guest actors Moe Dunford and Lorcan Cranitch, Michael Inside. Isle of Docs: The Lonely Battle of Thomas Reid, Unquiet Graves, Hear My Voice, Murdair Mhám Trasna [The Mam Trasna Murders]. Closing night: Derry Girls. Special guest of the festival is John Lynch, with screening of Angel Baby. Short film competition to focus on documentaries. IFFbooks: A Conversation with Irish-born writer Karl Geary. Photography exhibition by Hugh O’Conor // Casa del Cinema // Rome, Italy

29–31 March // Ottawa Irish Film Festival // Black 47, Captain Morten and the Spider Queen, Michael Inside, The Hole in the Ground + Q&A with director Lee Cronin, The Dig, Lost & Found + Q&A with director Liam O Mochain // Arts Court Theatre // Ottawa, Canada


The IFI International programme is supported by Culture Ireland.

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