Irish Film Institute -IFI International: February 2020

IFI International: February 2020

7-15 February // EU Film Festival Ghana // The Silver Branch // Kumasi [7-8 Feb], Accra [9-15 Feb], Ghana // Presented in association with the Embassy of Ireland, Abuja, Nigeria

9 February // Niall Tobín tribute at the Irish Cultural Centre Hammersmith // Eat the Peach // London, UK

13 February – 01 March // EU Film Festival Hong Kong // The Camino Voyage // AMC Pacific Place and Broadway Cinematheque // Hong Kong, China // Presented in association with the Consulate General of Ireland, Hong Kong

16-21 February // Rétrospective Pat Collins presented by the University of Saskatchewan // What Remains, Oileain Thoraí, Pilgrim, Tim Robinson: Connemara, Fathom // Cinémathèque Québécoise // Montreal, Canada

21 February // Cinegael Montreal // Sooner or Later // J.A. DeSève Cinema, Concordia University // Montreal, Canada

27 February – 1 March // Chicago Irish Film Festival // A Bump Along the Way, Breaking Ice, Bruno, Cumar: A Galway Rhapsody, Gaza, Guns and Rosaries, Kilimanjaro Mama, Sea Fever. Shorts programmes: 9 Months, Pure Gold, Kathleen, Halo, Match, Rip to the Rescue, Spooky Talent Agency, Wine Lake. The Vasectomy Doctor, Cut Throat, Mosney, Mother, Stray, Starry Night, The Space Between Us, Fragile, By Your Side, The Anderson Corporation. Hearts & Crafts, My Mother’s Shoes, Weekend Warriors, A Quack Too Far, Under Growth, Legend Has It, 72 Miles, The Beekeeper, Seanie & Flo, Mary. Tá M’Athair Anseo, The Promise, Ghosts from Now, Run, The Night is Black and the Day is White, Abe’s Story, Square One, Up and Away, Love Her Bones. // The Gallery Theatre, The Logan Theatre, Theater on the Lake // Chicago, USA

27 February – 1 March // Capital Irish Film Festival // A Bump Along the Way, The Dig, Extra Ordinary, Sea Fever, Seamus Heaney and the music of what happens, A Girl from Mogadishu, Dark Lies the Island, Gaza, Katie, Shooting the Darkness, Cumar: A Galway Rhapsody. Shorts programme: First Disco, Boardwalk, Stray, Lúbtha [Queer], Face it Again, The Anderson Corporation Will Change Your Life // AFI Silver // Silver Spring, Washington MD, USA

28 February – 1 March // Toronto Irish Film Festival – 10th anniversary // Dark Lies the Island, Sea Fever, A Bump Along the Way, Seamus Heaney and the music of what happens // TIFF Bell Lightbox // Toronto, Canada

The IFI International programme is supported by Culture Ireland.

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