Irish Film Institute -IFI International: February 2019

IFI International: February 2019

1-9 February // Clermont Ferrand Film Festival // Yu Ming is Ainm Dom // Clermont Ferrand, France

8 February // Cinegael Montreal // Float Like a Butterfly // J.A. DeSève Cinema, Concordia University // Montreal, Canada

13 February // Irish Cultural Centre // The 34th: The Story of Marriage Equality // Irish Cultural Centre, Hammersmith // London, UK

21 February – 10 March // European Union Film Festival Hong Kong // Closing film: Michael Inside + Q&A with director Frank Berry on 10th March // Broadway Cinematheque & AMC Pacific Place // Hong Kong

22 February // Irish Cultural Centre Hammersmith // The Ballymurphy Precedent // Irish Cultural Centre, Hammersmith // London, UK

23 February // Irish Film Festival Milwaukee // Song of the Sea // Milwaukee, USA

23 February // Irish Language, A Day of Irish Literature, Film and Song // Irish language films: Bláth Gach Géag dá dTig, Dara Bán with guest Dr. Lillis Ó Laoire // University of Liverpool in Finsbury Square, London, UK

23-24 February // Irish Cultural Center of New England and Irish Curragh Club of Boston // The Camino Voyage [23rd], [matinee on 24th] // Canton, MA, USA

28 February // Cinegael Montreal // Rocky Ros Muc // J.A. DeSève Cinema, Concordia University // Montreal, Canada

28 February-3 March // Chicago Irish Film Festival // Opening Gale: Shelter Me + Q&A with director Jim Sheridan, and short films No Dogs, Silent Plight. Shorts Programme I: I Don’t Get it!: [Growing Pains, Fuck’s Sake, Hold the Line, Juggle, The Shift, Boy Saint, Roses, Shock, Emerald Isle, Tides], The Holy Fail, My Future Self, Shorts Programme II: Friends Are the Best!: [First Disco, Prodigy, The Lighthouse, Runaway, All in Good Time, The Bird and the Whale, Under the Self Same Moon], Grace & Goliath, Shorts Programme IV: Just One Thing: [The American Way, The Family Way, Vegetable, Wave, The Tattoo, Leap of Faith, I Saw Myself], Tradition, A Decent Proposal, Making the Grade, Shorts Programme III: Documenting Ireland: [39 Years, Mother & Baby, Movie Memories, Eden], Under the Clock, Smithy & Dickie, The Silver Branch, Pigeons of Discontent. Closing film: I, Dolours + Q&A with director Ed Moloney, Brexit: A Cry from the Irish Border // Logan Theater // Chicago, USA

28 February-3 March // Capital Irish Film Festival // The Drummer and the Keeper + Q&A with director Nick Kelly, Lost & Found, The Devil’s Doorway + Q&A with director Aislinn Clarke and actor Lalor Roddy, The Hole in the Ground, Captain Morten and the Spider Queen, Grace & Goliath, I, Dolours + Q&A with journalist and producer Ed Moloney, Don’t Leave Home + Q&A with director Michael Tully and actor Lalor Roddy, Under the Clock, The Silver Branch, Float Like a Butterfly, Lomax in Éireann + Q&A with Dr. Todd Harvey, Folklife Specialist and Curator of the Alan Lomax Collection at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress, Metal Heart, Shorts programme: Day off, Whirlpool, Mother & Baby, The Invention, Late Afternoon, Grá & Eagla [Love & Fear] // AFI Silver // Silver Spring, Washington, USA

28 February-3 March // Celtic Calling // The Camino Voyage [3 screenings] // Charleston, WV, USA


The IFI International programme is supported by Culture Ireland.

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