IFI International: September 2017

13th, 14th, 17th, 21st September // Semana de Irlanda de Zaragoza // Eden, His and Hers, Newsreel Programme, 1916: The Irish Rebellion // Zaragoza, Spain

21st – 23rd September // Irish Film Festival, San Francisco // A Date for Mad Mary, Rocky Ros Muc, Emerald City // San Francisco, USA

21st – 24th September // Irish Screen America // Emerald City, The Secret Scripture, Cardboard Gangsters, Song of Granite, Bad Day for the Cut, In the Name of Peace: John Hume in America // Los Angeles, USA

20th – 30th September // British and Irish Festival // Aithrí [Penance], Handsome Devil, Maudie, Pilgrimage, The Farthest, The Secret Scripture, Writing Home // Luxembourg

29th September – 1st October // Irish Reels Festival // Seattle, USA

29th September – 1st October // Irish Screen America // The Secret Scripture, Song of Granite, Loving Lorna, No Plan, Bad Day for the Cut, Stutterer // New York, USA


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