Director: Lionel Jeffries

109 minutes| Drama| U.K.| 1970

Re-released to mark its 40th anniversary, this adaptation of E. Nesbit’s novel tells the unforgettable tale of the three Waterbury children, uprooted with their mother to rural Yorkshire when their father is mysteriously taken away.

From the grandeur of their Edwardian home, the family have to come to terms with humbler surroundings and their father’s absence. But as days unfold in the glorious countryside, the children discover that they can in fact enjoy their new life. There’s the daily London-Scotland train to chase, with the ‘Old Gentleman’ on board, and the local station porter, who encourages a love of trains.

Friendship, adventure and growing up become their concerns. Fans of the film will remember their enterprising use of the red petticoats and that memorable fog-bound final scene on the station platform. With Jenny Agutter as the eldest, Bobbie, and Bernard Cribbins as the curmudgeonly porter, Perks, this is a family film that is truly a classic.

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