Director: Uli Edel

FILM INFO: 95 minutes, Germany-Netherlands-U.S.A., Adventure-Comedy-Family, Recommended 7+

It’s time to sharpen your fangs for our Hallowe’en screening, the story of young American Tony who moves with his family to Scotland. Lonely, he is looking for a friend who will bring adventure into his life. So when Rudolph the Vampire flies into his room, Tony takes off with him on a flying adventure. They join forces to fend off the vampire hunter and save the 300-year-old family.

Before the film we will have a Parade of Vampires through IFI Foyer. Come in your favourite scary outfit and see if you can terrify us! We’ll be on the lookout for sharp fangs, stinking garlic, wooden stakes and scary fake blood!

Tickets: €4.80 per person, €14.40 family ticket (2 adults + 2 children/1 adult + 3 children)


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