Irish Film Institute -IFI FAMILY FESTIVAL 2016: SHORT TALES 1



60 minutes approx

Sing with the perfect piggies, learn how to decorate a cake or how to be the most well-mannered house guest, with this collection of short animated and liveaction films from around the world. Stories about cool cats, talking mushrooms,and bright ideas make this essential viewing for our younger festival viewers.
Full film details will be announced shortly.

Age 4+.

Subtitles will be read aloud by an experienced reader.

Total Duration: 60 mins approx.

This event is screening as part of IFI Family Festival 2016 (June 24 – 26th).

Shorts Programme (1)

Where are the chicks Pikkuli

The baby chicks love singing in the woods for their teacher, but sometimes they like to make their own music instead…

Spain and Finland/2015/Animation/Directors: Metsamarja  Aittokoski and Antii Aittokoski


Have you ever had to move house? This film is about a boy who doesn’t want to leave his memories behind… if only he could take his memories with him!

USA/2015/Live Action/Director: Saschka Unseld 


Tito is a boy who wants to play outside with his friends, but he finds the outdoors just too hot and bright. Soon, Tito comes up with a plan to change things, in this sweet film from Spain.

Spain/2014/Live Action/Director: Victor Nores


A mushroom becomes very grumpy when they find that someone has taken their cap! This animated short film from Germany is all about being kind and learning to share.

Germany/2014/Animation/Director: Pia Autereid


When everyone else is asleep, these cake decorations come to life and act out their own story. This yummy film from Japan takes a different look at food, fun, and growing up.

Japan/2014/Animation/Director: Mari Miyazawa

The One Who Tamed the Clouds

A wise Indian shaman teaches a young Indian boy to make smoke signals. The shaman takes his smoke signals very seriously, but it’s not long before the boy starts causing trouble!

France/2014/Animation/Directors: Julie Rembauville & Nicolas Bianco-Levrin

Little Flower

This Irish film tells the story of a dandelion who wants to be just like all the other flowers, but sometimes, as she learns, you have to just be yourself.

Ireland/2016/Animation/Director: Brigette Heffernan

Perfect Piggies

Five harmonising hogs sing a lively, a cappella swing song about their own perfect pig selves in this hilarious sing-along animation.

USA / 2015 / Animation / Director: Sandra Boynton






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