Director: Various

Approx 70 mins • Subtitled

Some hugely imaginative short filmmaking in this programme specially chosen for older children.

Filmmakers use felt, drawings, animation and live action in stories that include music-making, sisterhood and the loss of a pet, a train journey at night – just some of the themes in this rich and varied selection. Including live action, drama and animation from Korea, the UK, Czech Rep., China and more, this is a fun and engaging programme with colour, texture and music, that touches on some big themes too.  

IFI Age Recommendation: 8+ 



A rogue robot bee on a farm a million miles away in space. When the farmer fails to tame the homesick bee, she follows him into the belly of a volcano.

UK/ 2022/ Andrew Brand & Bryn Chainey /9 mins


To be Sisters

Animation about sisters, sharing a special bond and laughing together. But these particular sisters share an extra something a bit different, and that’s absolutely fine.

France/2022/No Dialogue/Anne-Sophie Gousset, Clément Céard/7 mins


El Mono

After her favourite sock goes missing, Andrea learns some family magic that helps her find lost objects in the most unexpected ways.

US/2022/Subtitled/Luis Fernando Puente, Lizde Arias/8 mins


Dede is Dead / Deniska umřela

Beautiful, thought-provoking animation in which Dede the dog is the artist’s daily companion till one day he is no longer there. Through his art he shows his changing emotions, as darker days give way to colourful memories.

Czech Repblic/2023/No Dialogue/ Philippe Kastner /9 mins


Schleudergang/Spin Cycle

During a spin cycle in the washing machine, a pair of socks gets separated. As it meets other garments for the first time, their new acquaintances put the socks’ friendship to the test.

Germany/2022/No Dialogue/Gurli Bachmann /7 mins



Mawbe, a disabled mechanic in a wheelchair, teaches the trade to his four young mechanic apprentices, and they form a close bond. One day, an accident to Mawbe challenges them to find extra solidarity and ingenuity to help him.

Senegal/2022/ Mame Selemane Dieye, Laurent Yannick Dorego /No Dialogue/9 mins


Hello to Me in 100 Years

What will the world be like 100 years from now? Maybe there will be flying cars, or we will live under the sea. This fascinating animation is based on a children’s workshop, imagining the future.

Taiwan/2022/Subtitled/Wu-Ching Chang/9 mins


Night Train

A dreamy night train magically appears to the young girl who missed her grandfather. Through the journey on the train, the child realized that their grandfather had been with them all along.

South Korea/2023/ Seungmin Han, Eunji Bae /No Dialogue /7 mins



Screening as part of IFI Family Festival 2023, August 18th – 20th.

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