Director: Various

Approx 60 mins • Digital • Subtitled

For a first cinema outing or for your very young film fan, this mostly dialogue-free selection of international short films, specially chosen for our Festival, is a perfect introduction . Animals, sandcastles, dealing with bullies, playing in the rain – all this and more in a charming programme for our youngest viewers. 

(Image from Tuempel)

IFI Age Recommendation: 4+


Pond / Tümpel

A shoal of herrings roams the vast ocean in shapes and colour. When seagulls suddenly attack, one small herring finds itself stranded in a tidal pool where they meet an array of other sea creatures in this gorgeous colourful animation.

Switzerland/2023/No Dialogue/Lena von Döhren, Eva Rust/8 mins



Rainboy isn’t a common gardener. He plants drops and grows clouds. When the sun gets injured he has to work hard with the clouds to make her bright again.

Switzerland/2023/No dialogue/Barbara Brunner/5 mins



What happens when sleep comes, the sun sets, the eyes close and the little monkey gently falls asleep? The world of dreams is colourful and wild.

Germany/2023/No Dialogue/Sonja Rohleder/3 min


Spin + Ella / Spinne + Ella

Ella the fairy and her eight-legged friend Spin weave the most whimsical webs, but only when they work together. When they don’t, it’s a tangled mess!

Belgium/2023/No Dialogue/An Vrombaut with Max Schram + Umi Schram /7 mins



Mína and her Toy friend are having fun in a sandpit. Suddenly the Toy is captured by cycling Totemites! To save the Toy tied up to a high totem seems impossible. Our heroes need to overcome risky challenges

Czech Rep/France/2022/Kateřina Karhánková /10 min


The Turnip/Naeris

From a Slavic folk tale comes this wonderful animation, about turnip and vegetable growing, from the animals underground point of view!

Estonia/2022/Piret Sigus, Silja Saarepuu /7 mins


Small Makings of a Storm

From Ireland comes this award-winning animation, showing the beautiful progression of water through its life cycle, leaving an impression on even the tiniest of creatures.

Ireland /2022/Avery Angle /4 mins


Battery Mommy

Stop motion animation using felt cloth, continuing the heartwarming adventures of the Battery family where mommy is busy with nursery toys.

South Korea/2023/Jeon Seungbae/9 mins


Screening as part of IFI Family Festival 2023, August 18th – 20th.

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