Irish Film Institute -IFI FAMILY FESTIVAL 2021: SHORT TALES 2


Director: Various

70 mins

Age recommendation: 8+

A fantastic mix of live action and animations for older viewers, featuring healing stones from Hawaii, a polar bear against the northern lights; two French warrior bands, an old man’s memories with kites. Track with Aboriginal elders, start a new school, frolic with insects, learn a new rule. Music, colour, fantasy and more, in this rich and stimulating collection.

The Frolic
Colour, texture and sound combine as children frolic amongst insects in this charming experimental animation.
Taiwan/2020/ Jhao Yi-Han/4.34

Juan Viento
Responsible park cleaner Juan takes his job very seriously. He spends his days cleaning up the leaves that are blown by the wind, until one day when the wind carries along a big surprise…
Argentina/2020/ Carlos Farina/4.21

Ursa Song of the Northern Lights
See the northern lights come to life in this beautiful, musical animation. Follow a young polar bear as he sets out on a cold, dark night to search for his missing mother.
Norway/2021/ Natalia Malykhina/10.20

Travel to the Australian Bush, as two Elders set their grandson out on a very important test.
Australia/2019/ Tony Briggs/9.48

A young girl sets out on a quest to get in touch with her heritage in this vivid animated short. An Irish-Korean co-production; this is a touching story filled with history, music and magic.
Ireland, South Korea/2020/ Narae Kim, Lewis Barfoot/5.44

Travel to the beautiful island of Hawaii to learn about the healing power of four mysterious stones on Waikiki Beach. A fascinating legend; watch the magic come to life on the big screen.
United States/2020/ English subtitles/Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu, Dean Hamer, Joe Wison/8.28

Louis Shoes
Eight-year old Louis has started a new school. With the help of his teacher, he introduces himself to the class, explaining his hobbies, fears and most importantly, why he likes his favourite shoes.
France/2020/Animation/French with English subtitles/Marion Phillipe, Kayu Leung, Theo Jamin, Jean Geraud Blanc/5.16

Dolium Peplum
There’s swashbuckling antics and adventure to boot in this charming short, that follows two warring armies as they act out their wildest daydreams.
France/2020/Live-Action/French with English Subtitles/Théo Nodet/9.2

Please note: Subtitles will be read aloud by an experienced reader.

Screening as part of the IFI Family Festival 2021, August 27th to 29th.

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