Is a zebra still a zebra if it doesn’t have stripes? What happens when a magical circus comes to town? Can you get lost in your own imagination? Could you catch light in a jar? Find answers to these questions and more as you travel the world with our selection of short films from around the globe. 

Recommended age: 4+


Light and the Little Girl
In this live action short from the U.S.A, a little girl is fascinated by light. She watches it stream into the dark rooms in her house and make everything glow. She decides to try to bottle some of this mysterious force, for herself. 

USA-2014-6 minutes-Live Action -Directors: Guy Pooles, Jih-E Peng

Rosso Papavero
We all know spinning around can make us dizzy, but for this boy, it causes wonders to appear out of thin air. Roll up, roll up, for a circus with a difference! This stop motion animation from Slovakia is a dreamy musical treat.

Slovakia-2014- 5 minutes- Animation- Director: Martin Smatana

Whoever heard of a zebra without stripes? In this funny German animation, a young zebra can’t help but stand out from the herd. He shows off a range of new looks, without even trying! 

Germany-2013-3 minutes -Animation–Director: Julia Ocker

Bunny New Girl
Annabelle has come all the way from across the country, to join her new class. Oh, and she is dressed a little strangely. The class is unsure how to react. Celebrate being different with this quirky Australian live action short.

Australia- 2015-6 minutes –Live  Action –Director: Natalie van den Dungen

A Girl’s Best Friend
A little girl and a garden worm might sound like an unusual combination. This pair, however, are the best of friends. All is well until a nasty bird also tries to be part of the fun. This is a delightful debut short from the talented Irish animator Clare Carroll.

 Ireland -2014- 6 minutes- Animation –Director: Clare Carroll

Little Costeau
An apartment in a snowy city is an unlikely place for an underwater explorer. Turns out that a wandering starfish, a curious cat and some bubbles can make for a wonderful deep sea adventure. This beautiful animation is inspired by a Frenchman but joins us from the heart of the Czech Republic.

Czech Republic- 2013- 8 minutes –Animation–Director: Jakub Kouril

Cloudy Goats
A shepherd plays a whimsical tune. A herd of multi-coloured goats can’t wait to dance around the forest. Not even rain can stop their fun. This is a unique chance to enjoy the creative culture of Iran. 

Iran-2014-5 minutes-Animation- Director: Hamid Karimian

The Little Hedgehog who shared
Mmm a juicy apple. Wait a second, everybody wants a bite of it! This little hedgehog learns a lesson about sharing gifts with others in this stunning painted animation from France.

France-2014- 4 minutes- Animation- Director: Marjorie Caup

Ahmed and Mildred
When Ahmed meets Mildred they have a lot in common, not least, their love for superheroes. When their short time together ends, he worries he’ll never see her again. This poignant live action short is from the U.K.

 UK – 2014- 5minutes-Live Action – Directors: Adam Horton and Joe Horton

This event is screening as part of IFI Family Festival 2015 (July 16th – 19th).

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