Director: Various

60 mins approx., Various, 2022, Digital

The upcoming IFI Family Festival will take place from August 18th-20th. Offering younger audiences the opportunity to explore international cinema for the first time, our exciting programme of shorts is a great way to engage with different types of films. With this in mind, July’s IFI Family screening is a dazzling collection of specially curated live-action and animated short films, all previously screened at the IFI Family Film Festival. Visit a dazzling circus, meet two mischievous bears, a lone fisherman who dreams of catching a star, a little girl looking to spend her pocket money, and much more.

Featuring films from around the world, including New Zealand and South Korea, to our own Irish shores, this collection is the perfect taste of what’s to come during our festival in August.

BRISTLES / Quentin Haberman / Netherlands / 2023

BLUE / Megan Devaney / Ireland / 2020

STAR CATCH / SMF Animation / Russia / 2023

PIRO PIRO / Mi-Yeung Baek / South Korea / 2023

MILK / Celia Jaspers / New Zealand / 2023

BIG TOP / Cleo Parker / United Kingdom / 2023

STAR BOUND / Richard O Connor / United States / 2023

SIGNAL / Diarmuid Donohue / Ireland / 2021

HUSH LITTLE BEAR (CUCI CUCI) / Mara Linina / Latvia / 2023

IFI Age Recommendation: 8+

Notes by Amy Louise O’Callaghan

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Sunday 30th