Director: Dominique Monfery

116 minutes| France/Italy| 2009| Animation

March celebrates books with World Book Day (March 3rd) and World Book Night (March 5th). To tie in, we have a beautifully animated tale featuring some of the best children’s fairytale characters including Alice in Wonderland, Red Riding Hood and Peter Pan.

When young Nathaniel and his family inherit the home of their beloved aunt Eleanor, he is also left all the books in the library. Here he makes a startling discovery – after dark all the characters come to life! They tell him that they will all disappear unless he can read the magic spell which will save them, but there is only one problem – Nathaniel can’t read. In a race against time and before his parents start to sell off the books, he must fight to save his friends. A charming film for all ages that reminds us of the wonderful worlds that open up when we learn to read.

Originally in French, this dubbed version is showing especially for IFI Family.

Tickets €5, family of 4 €15.

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