Director: Gil Kenan

90 minutes| U.S.A.| 2008| Adventure/Family/Fantasy| PG

This is a family adventure film that tells the story of a city buried deep in the earth after a catastrophe has taken place. Inhabitants are to stay there for 200 years after which time they will be able to follow instructions stored in a metal box to get out. However, the box goes missing and the instructions are lost. Years go by and life gets harder and harder as the generator starts to fail and food has to be rationed. Into this comes Saoirse Ronan as Lina Mayfleet, a teenager who has survived with her dad. She and her friend Doon Harrow are given jobs by the town’s mayor (Bill Murray) and together they find pieces of the instructions in order to start finding a way out of the underworld city to save the village.

The film was shot in Belfast’s Titanic Quarter where an old paint hall of Harland and Wolff shipyards was transformed into the underground city.

€4.80 per person/€14.40 family ticket (4 people)<

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