Director: Pedro Gonzales-Rubio

73 minutes| Mexico| 2009| Drama| Spanish/Italian (with English subtitles)

For IFI Family we try to bring you films from around the world to enjoy. This month’s film comes from Mexico and tells the story of a young boy, Natan, who is going to live with his Italian mother but will spend a holiday with his father, Jorge, before he leaves.

Jorge is a fisherman, so he wants to teach Natan how to fish in the beautiful clear waters of a coral reef. Together they embark on sea adventures; Natan learns how to reel in fish, to snorkel, to identify sea creatures and plants, to avoid tempting a crocodile and to befriend a white cattle egret. Part documentary, part fiction, the film reminds us at times of Robinson Crusoe. It’s a kind of paradise in some respects but we see that it has hardships too, and Natan and Jorge both know that their time here has to come to an end.

Tickets €5, Family of 4 €15

Recommended Age: 8+

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