Director: Tony Hill

To See, 15mins, DVD, 1982; Downside Up, 17mins, DVD, 1984; A Short History of the Wheel, 1min, DVD, 1992; Holding the Viewer, 1min, DVD, 1993; Laws of Nature, 25mins, DVD, 1997; Geometry & Gravity, 3 mins, DVD, 2001; Point Source, 8 mins, Expanded Cinema Performance, first performed 1973. Total duration approx 70 minutes

Tony Hill will be present to enact his cinematic performance ‘Point Source’ and for a Q&A after the screenings. 

Tony Hill has consistently applied an interest in space, place, viewpoint and orientation to his practice as an artist and filmmaker. His bizarre and sometimes humorous vantage points make us rethink our assumptions about perspective, gravity, scale and movement. Developing his own camera rigs and ingeniously using mirrors and unusual lenses, he exploits the great potential for film to see in different ways.

Notes on ‘Point Source’ performance:
Performance piece, 8 mins, First Performed 1973
Performed at the ICA, Tate Britain, Tate Modern, Whitechapel Gallery and the National Film Theatre in London and at many European International Film Festivals.  A small bright light is the projector, several objects are the film and the whole room is the screen. A spatial exploration of the objects with the light projects them as big as the room encompassing the audience.


This programme, curated by Aoife Desmond, is presented in association with DMARC (Digital Media and Arts Research Centre) at University of Limerick and Indie Cork Film Festival 2014.



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