Director: VARIOUS

50 minutes, 1963-1966, Colour and Black and White, 16mm, with live score

FLUXFILM PART 1 (1963–1970)

The IFI and Experimental Film Club present a rare 16mm screening of Fluxus films with accompanying live score.

This anthology of short films (ranging from 28 seconds to 10 minutes in length), were often shown looped or as part of Fluxus events and happenings. Included are works by Nam June Paik, Dick Higgins, George Maciunas, Yoko Ono, Chieko Shiomi, George Brecht and Robert Watts, all of which are characteristic of the ephemeral and playful humour of the Fluxus group. The films will be accompanied by live improvised electronic soundtrack performed by artists Russell Hart and Sven Anderson.

This is the first in a two-part programme curated by Eilís Lavelle who will introduce the event with Daniel Fitzpatrick (EFC).

Fluxfilm No. 1-14, 1963-1966
Fluxfilm N° 1: Zen For Film, Nam June Paik (1964, B&W, 16mm, Sil 7′)
Fluxfilm N° 2: Invocation Of Canyons And Boulders, Dick Higgins (1966, Coul, 16mm, Sil 1′)
Fluxfilm N° 3: End After 9, George Maciunas (1966, B&W, 16mm, Sil 1’2)
Fluxfilm N° 4: Disappearing Music For Face, Chieko Shiomi (1966, B&W,16mm,Sil 10′)  
Fluxfilm N° 5: Blink, John Cavanaugh (1966, B&W, 16mm, Sil 2’30)
Fluxfilm N° 6: 9 Minutes, James Riddle (1966, B&W, 16mm,Sil 9′)
Fluxfilm N° 7: 10 Feet, George Maciunas (1966, B&W, 16mm, Sil 0’28)
Fluxfilm N° 8: 1000 Frames, George Maciunas (1966, B&W, 16mm, Sil 0’4)
Fluxfilm N°9: Eye Blink, Yoko Ono (1966, B&W, 16mm, Sil 1′)
Fluxfilm N°10: Entrance To Exit, George Brecht (1966, B&W, 16mm, Opt 6’30)
Fluxfilm N°11: Trace #22, Robert Watts (1966, B&W, 16mm, Sil 1’15)
Fluxfilm N°12: Trace #23, Robert Watts (1966, B&W, 16mm, Sil 3′)
Fluxfilm N°13: Trace #24, Robert Watts (1966, B&W, 16mm, Sil 1’19)
Fluxfilm N°14: One, Yoko Ono (1966, B&W, 16mm, Silent 4′)

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