Director: Brigitte Kramer

140 MINUTES, INCL. INTERVAL (SASHA WALTZ – A PORTRAIT: 60 MINUTES, 2014, English; KÖRPER: 59 MINUTES, 2000, with English Subtitles)

This film screened on Monday 25th  May 2015. 

The IFI is delighted to once again partner with the Dublin Dance Festival in presenting two extraordinary screenings.

On May 25th (18.15), director Brigitte Kramer will introduce her two films on Sasha Waltz, Germany’s most distinguished contemporary choreographer.

Sasha Waltz – A Portrait  (60 mins, 2014, in English) gives an intimate insight into Waltz’s outstanding body of work. Famous for her inventive productions and stunning aesthetic, she has developed a whole new genre: the choreographic opera. Kramer presents the defining moments of Waltz’s career since 2006.

Körper (59 mins, 2000, with English subtitles) focuses on the human body. In this legendary production, beautifully filmed by Brigitte Kramer, Waltz relates the movement of the body to the bare architecture of the performance space. What is the body? How is it constructed and how is it manipulated?


Jorge León’s powerful Before We Go (May 24th, 17.00) sees three people approaching the end of their lives work with choreographers and musicians to creatively express the fears and questions arising from their situation.

Filming Sasha Waltz is presented in co-operation with the Goethe-Institut Irland.

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