Irish Film Institute -IFI & DIFF: THE SWALLOW + Q&A


Director: Tadhg O'Sullivan

71 mins, Ireland, 2023, Digital

Authored Works

In a small house by the sea, a woman begins a letter to an unknown correspondent. Surrounded by the books, mementoes and clutter of her life, her home exposed to the waves of a rising ocean, she writes about the history of lost art. Considering what has been lost, and wondering about her own desire to hold on, she meditates on memory and on art’s aspiration to immortality. Tadhg O’Sullivan (To the Moon) is one of Ireland’s most talented and innovative filmmakers. Best known for his documentary essays, he moves here into new territory with an experimental drama featuring a fictional character played with signature understatement by Oscar-winning Brenda Fricker.

An Arts Council Authored Works film. Followed by a Q&A with director Tadhg O’Sullivan.

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Friday 1st