Irish Film Institute -IFI & AEMI: SPIRIT MESSAGES


Spirit Messages is aemi’s 2024 touring programme, a selection made to bring together some of the most exciting new moving image work by Irish and international artists. The artists featured in this programme employ a set of creative strategies to reveal an interconnected world, one in which the medium is not just the message but the means through which the paranormal can engage our attention. From folk tales to esotericism, poppers training videos, horror flicks and sci-fi, the films here draw from an eclectic array of sources to suggest that the forms of communication we adopt are often choices that are as subversive as they are functional.

Directors Ross McClean, Amanda Rice, and Niall Cullen will take part in a Q&A after this screening.


Film Info:

Echo. Dir. Ross McClean, 12 mins

The Flesh of Language. Dir. Amanda Rice, 16 mins

The Dog Who Became a Frog. Dir. Niall Cullen, 6 mins

False Wife. Dir. Jamie Crewe, 15 mins

Terror Has No Shape. Dir. Luis Arnías, 10 mins

Coaley Peak (A Fragment). Dir. Dan Guthrie, 6 mins

Running Time: 66 mins

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Read Leah Reynolds’s essay Moth in Relay, which accompanies the screening of aemi’s Touring Programme 2024 this Monday 22nd April, here.

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Monday 22nd