69 mins, USA, 1966-1987, 16mm

This film screened on Thursday 23rd February 2017.

Curated by Herb Shellenberger, who will present this screening, Independent Frames examines the work of American artists who approached film through independently-produced, frame-by-frame animations in the 1970s and 1980s. Made primarily by artists with no formal animation training, the films demonstrate the wide variety of psychedelic, formalist, autobiographical and counter-cultural work produced during this period, and the individualised techniques they inherited and refined from older generations of experimental animators.

Films depicting erotic fantasy (Desire Pie), an incisive ontological study of things (Object Conversation) and a photographic animation of the passage of time (Hand Held Day) show how artists have conceptually engaged with ideas and visual techniques that animation’s remove from photo-reality can make possible.

(Notes by Herb Shellenberger.)

Academy Leader Variations, various, 6 minutes, 1987, USA, 16mm;

Object Conversation, Paul Glabicki, 10 minutes, 1985, USA, 16mm;

Colored Relations, Barry Spinello, 5 minutes, 1970, USA, 16mm;

The Pop Show, Fred Mogubgub, 7 minutes, 1966, USA, 16mm;

Rain Seeds, Mary Beams, 2 minutes, 1974, USA, 16mm;

Solo, Mary Beams, 4 minutes, 1975, USA, 16mm;

Piano Rub, Mary Beams, 4 minutes, 1974, USA, 16mm;

Paul Revere is Here, Mary Beams, 7 minutes, 1976, USA, 16mm;

Flesh Flows, Adam Beckett, 6 minutes, 1974, USA, 16mm;

Desire Pie, Lisa Crafts, 5 minutes, 1976, USA, 16mm;

Make Me Psychic, Sally Cruikshank, 8 minutes, 1978, USA, 16mm;

Hand Held Day, Gary Beydler, 6 minutes, 1975, USA, 16mm

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