Irish Film Institute -Ibiza Dreams

Ibiza Dreams

Director: Igor Fioravanti

We first see Nacho, Carlos and Chica as children, growing up in an Ibiza which changes out of recognition in the course of their young lives. When Nacho comes home after living in India, he returns to the drugs and partying, but in their differing ways he and Chica become increasingly uneasy about their lives, while Carlos, passionate and fearless, embraces both the pleasures of life and their consequences. Director Igor Fioravanti, himself Ibiza-born, gives a moving and authentic account of growing up, re-evaluating home and friendship, and reassessing what is of value while trying to remain faithful to a dream of freedom and love. His first full-length film, Ibiza Dream features a great soundtrack by legendary Spanish DJ Jose Padilla (Cafe del Mar).
Spain, 2001. English subtitles. Colour. 98 mins.

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