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Director: Chandler Levack

99 mins, Canada, 2022, Digital

In the early 2000s, Lawrence (Isaiah Lehtinen, in what should be a breakout performance) and best friend Matt (Percy Hynes White) are about to graduate from high school, and are working on the prestigious end-of-year class video. Matt, unsure as to what the future holds, seems content to follow in the wake of his friend, whose only possible future, as far as he’s concerned, is attending film school at NYU. Anticipating the huge tuition fees, he takes a part-time job in the local video store, under supervisor Alana (Romina D’Ugo). A raging narcissist, Lawrence is abrasive and self-righteous, often referring to past trauma to excuse his behaviour. When his actions ultimately cross numerous lines, he is forced to face up to the consequences in this warm and funny coming-of-age film that marks D’Ugo, director Chandler Levack, and particularly Lehtinen as names to watch.

IFI Age Recommendation: 15+

Notes by Kevin Coyne

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